Live in Tokyo 2000 [DVD]

Proshot! Enjoy!


Sequence 4

of the tracks are nearly finished, but quite of the few tracks are
noticeably different. In general, some subtle instrumentation on the
final mix is more noticeable, and several of the instrumental takes are
slightly different.

Collection is upload only for now

Sorry, but because of  bandwidth the Collection is upload only from now on.
But when we build up a nice collection i will create a Torrent with all the content. So stay tuned!

David Mead Compilation

Received this in a trade a very long time ago.
All I really know is that it is a copy of the David Mead Compilation (?).
Some pretty neat stuff here.
Hope you enjoy.


VH1 Storytellers

album – VH1 Storytellers
artist – Smashing Pumpkins
source – Television
genre – Rock
retail – 11/04/2000
rip – 11/04/2000
ripper – Op
quality – 192k HQ True Stereo


The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music (REMD3 Remaster)

From a 60m cassette given by BC to an online fan in April 2000, with instructions to “circulate these”. The compilation was originally to be a 90m tape, but it got screwed up, so he dug up the Gravity demos instead, and made this 60m tape the next day. Two tracks were cut, on the end of each side… “Well, tough shit.”


Zwan: The Anthology

This began as a personal project to simply collect all of the Zwan non-LP tracks
into one collection, using only sources with the best possible sound quality.
I know there is already a Zwan bootleg boxset out there with much of the same
versions as this, but my set turned out so well I thought I’d share it with you all


Mellon Collie Demos #1

What more can i say?

Adore: Extended

Never heard of this release before, and i can’t find anything about it on the internets. Anyway, it’s a collection with Adore era demos. Enjoy! If anyone has more info about this one… Drop a comment 😉

Welcome to the Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased Songs Archive

Sup peeps!


Welcome to the “Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased Songs Archive”. My name is Alberto, and i’ve created this site because i thought it would be nice if we can have one big ass Archive with Rare and Unreleased Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan songs. That’s actually it for now :). Enjoy!


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