Zwan – Rock am Ring Festival, Nuerburgring (DVD)

Long time, no see! Enjoy! Drop a comment to see the download link!

Date: 2003-06-06
Venue: Rock am Ring Festival, Nuerburgring
Location: Nuerburg; Germany

Taper: Obertu
Source: TV (WDR Rockpalast)
Transfer: TV > DMR-HS2 DVD-Recorder (SP Mode) > DVD-R (0) (FR Mode) > HD > Downsized (DVD Shrink)
DVD-Authoring: TMPGEncDVD Author 1.5

Video: MPEG-2, 704×576, 25fps (PAL), VBR 6000kbps
Audio: Dolby Digital (AC3), 48000 Hz Stereo, 256 kbps (more Info see Audio-Notes)


Endless Summer
Declarations Of Faith
For Your Love
Settle Down
Jesus, I / God’s Gonna Set This World On Fire
Of A Broken Heart
Baby Let’s Rock!
Don’t Let Me Down
Mary Star Of The Sea

This was one of the last shows Zwan played. Too bad, cause i had tickets for the Gurten-Festival in Switzerland they should have played some weeks later…so that’s why i haven’t seen them live ;(
Anyway, i recorded this show when it was first aired. It seems that other recordings also exist. I have no clue whether they look better than mine (DVB would be nice), but they don’t sound better. That’s for sure (see Audio-Notes). So if anyone who downloaded my version could tell me if there’s a better quality recording out there, i’d be happy…..

Some of you guys may ask: “Why did he downsize it? That’s a loss of quality!” Well, you are wrong there…
When i recorded the show onto DVD with FR mode, it gave me the highest bitrate that’s possible (about 10Mbps for Audio&Video). But the WDR broadcasts are usually about 4000kbps (experience from other DVD’s that were directly recorded on HD). So if i shared the 10Mbps version, that would have been the same thing like you’d reencode mp3 to Wav. Makes no sense at all, quality don’t get better….but the size of the file gets much bigger. So i decided to downsize to VBR 6000kbps (just a safety. Minimum was set to 4500kbps, maximum to 7000kbps), Hope you can live with that…..

As always, i’m trying to give you guys and girls the best possible quality (said: trying πŸ˜‰ ). So i thought: if i do this DVD then it needs the best available audio. And that is….mighty Mixwell’s 13RM of course. Damn, that was hard fight to synch the audio & video. It was like hell…terrible. Did i mention it was hard work? Ok, finally it worked. Below you can see Mixwell’s notes on his remaster. So there shouldn’t be any questions left.

As always…ENJOY

Obertu (aka Sakul)

PS: Big thank goes out to Mixwell. I love your work. Thank u so much!!!
(The ones that don’t respect his work: go fuck yourself!)

Mixwell’s Notes:

“This one was difficult, to say the least. I worked on it a few times over the last 3 or 4 months. I had a source of it that I got from the newsgroups maybe three weeks after the show, and no source info. It sounded nice, but much like a digital FM source or even more likely a digital TV broadcast, as at times I hear an 18k TV tube interference. Digital FM or TV is something which I consider to be more of a lossy format. It’s an encoded process anyway, and if MP3’s or WMA’s are considered lossy, then so should these as it’s a very similar process. It’s nice that it didn’t start out lossless, then lossy, then back. But let’s face it, it ain’t lossless the way an old dog like me expects his lossless to be. Yea, I’m not a big fan of the digital FM or TV. Woof.

Then Obertu sent us his lossless TV rip. Ouch! That one is crunched. Heavily. But contains certain elements that mine lacked. Combining them is tricky, but I did it anyway. I had to play with it often, abandon it, try again a different way, then abandon again. When combining two sources of identical origin (the TV broadcast in this case) phasing issues come to the forefront real quick. So it wasn’t easy, and I ended up with more of my version than the TV one, but I filled in some gaps.

It sounds nice or I wouldn’t bother with it, but it certainly could have been better with a proper lossless source, and I don’t think one exists or someone’s holding out on us. Either way, you can enjoy this one.

As for the show, great performance again, a rare quality version of “Baby Let’s Rock” and Billy’s guitar solo on “Jesus, I” is truly mind-numbing.”


64 Replies to “Zwan – Rock am Ring Festival, Nuerburgring (DVD)”

  1. Always thought that zwan were way better than the pumpkins from 2007 onwards, so good to have them on dvd

  2. I am so grateful for this.
    I wish they stayed together longer.
    Such brilliant musicianship from every band menber.

  3. I dont understand how zwan didnt gain the exposure they should have. I think there are easily some top 10 singles on that album!

  4. If someday Billy will release a remastered DeLuxe-edition of the Zwan record we will see this Rockpalast concert as the DVD beside the audio recordings. I’m glad I don’t have to wait that long now!

  5. I really liked zwan, there was some sort of “happy corgan” vibe to the whole project, i think the female bassist (missing her name atm) was great.

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