Smashing Pumpkins – Arcane Night Music (Bootleg Box Set 1988-2000)

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“Arcane Night Music”
A Bootleg Mix from 1988-2000

Disc 1 – From Chicago, Illinois (1988-1990): (78:33)
1. Egg [Reel Time demo, 1989]
2. East (alternate) [Reel Time demo, 1989]
3. Rhinoceros (early, organ) [Reel Time demo, 1989]
4. C’Mon [Reel Time demo, 1989]
5. Oui Henri [Chicago, 11-23-1988]
6. Under Your Spell [demo, 1988]
7. Snap [live on WZRD, 3-16-1989]
8. Cinnamon Girl [live on WZRD, 3-16-1989]
9. There It Goes [live on WZRD, 3-16-1989]
10. WNUR interview [live on WNUR, 11-19-1988]
11. Jennifer Ever [acoustic version]
12. Daughter [Reel Time demo, 1989]
13. Stars Fall In [Reel Time demo, 1989]
14. Honeyspider (shorter version) [Reel Time demo, 1989]
15. Psychodelic [Reel Time demo, 1989]
16. Opal-Worship [live 1990]
17. I’ll Never Change [live 1990]
18. With You [Reel Time demo, 1989]
19. Daydream [Reel Time demo, 1989]
20. I Am One (Part II) [Reel Time demo, 1989]

Disc 2 – God’s Joke (1991-1992): (79:26)
1. Drown [Billy solo acoustic, 9-xx-1991]
2. La Dolly Vita [Billy solo acoustic, 9-xx-1991]
3. Obscured [Billy solo acoustic, 9-xx-1991]
4. Wave Song [James demo, 1991]
5. Rhinoceros (cut) [BBC-TV, 9-xx-1992]
6. Morning Jam [live early 1991]
7. Suffer [Westwood One acoustic version, 9-xx-1991]
8. Blue [Westwood One acoustic version, 9-xx-1991]
9. Snail [West Hollywood, 12-17-1991]
10. Tristessa [Eindhoven, 1-18-1992]
11. Chump [Slunk with Jimmy on lead vocals]
12. Interview Nozems a Go-Go
13. Bye June [Eindhoven, 1-18-1992]
14. Cinder [live 1991]
15. Rocket [BBC-FM, 8-23-1992]
16. Drown [Waterfront Studios, 1-xx-1992]
17. Silverfuck [VPRO-FM, 1-15-1992]

Disc 3 – Welcome to the Rock Show! (1992-1994): (79:53)
1. Rocket [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
2. Tulips [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
3. Set the Ray to Jerry [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
4. Doorstep (Meladori Magpie) [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
5. She Says [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
6. Mayonaise (cut) [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]
7. Cherub Rock (acoustic) [VPRO-FM, 6-30-1993]
8. Today (acoustic) [VPRO-FM, 6-30-1993]
9. Hummer (acoustic) [KROQ Acoustic Christmas, 12-12-1993]
10. Where’s Vince? [Siamese Dream outtake]
11. Cherub Rock [MTV Studios, 10-31-1993]
12. Rocket [MTV Studios, 10-31-1993]
13. Window Paine (blues version) [Cincinnati, 12-11-1993]
14. Geek U.S.A. [London, 2-25-1994]
15. Soma [Barcelona, 3-04-1994]
16. Spaceboy [Siamese Dream alternate take]
17. Starla [London, 2-25-1994]
18. Sweet, Sweet [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-1992]

Disc 4 – The Infinite Sadness (1994-1997): (79:35)
1. Love [Gravity demos, 3-xx-1994]
2. Descendo (Mouths of Babes) [Gravity demos, 3-xx-1994]
3. Lucky Lad [Gravity demos, 3-xx-1994]
4. Weeping Willowly [Gravity demos, 3-xx-1994]
5. Here Is No Why [acoustic demo 1994-1995]
6. Marquis in Spades [demo 1994]
7. Bullet With Butterfly Wings [Saturday Night Live, 11-11-1995]
8. Zero [Saturday Night Live, 11-11-1995]
9. Silverfuck [Amsterdam, 12-12-1995]
10. 1979 [Billy solo on KROQ, 2-02-1996]
11. Thirty-Three [JJJ-FM Australia, 3-13-1996]
12. Take Me Down [JJJ-FM Australia, 3-13-1996]
13. Mayonaise [acoustic at La Nave, Madrid, 5-03-1996]
14. Instrumental Jam [Denver soundcheck, 8-30-1996]
15. Tonight, Tonight (w/strings) [MTV Video Music Awards, 9-04-1996]
16. By Starlight [Vancouver, 1-08-1997]
17. Siva [Vancouver, 1-08-1997]
18. Muzzle [live on Conan O’Brien, 2-25-1997]

Disc 5 – Arcane Night Music (1997-1998): (78:41)
1. For Martha (instrumental) [Adore demo, 2-xx-1997]
2. Chewing Gum [Adore demo, 2-xx-1997]
3. Do You Close Your Eyes? [Adore demo, 2-xx-1997]
4. Blissed and Gone [Adore demo, 2-xx-1997]
5. Satellites [Adore demo II, 1997-1998]
6. Let Me Give the World to You [acoustic in Bilbao, 5-21-1998]
7. Ava Adore [RTVE Studios in Madrid, 5-20-1998]
8. Daphne Descends [RTVE Studios in Madrid, 5-20-1998]
9. Crestfallen [demo]
10. interview snippet [Japanese TV, 6-24-1998]
11. Behold! the Night Mare [Upper Darby, 7-28-1998]
12. Appels + Oranjes (acoustic) [Boston, 7-31-1998]
13. Cross (cut) [Adore demo II, 1997-1998]
14. Valentine [Adore demo II, 1997-1998]
15. Stumbleine [Charlotte, 8-06-1998]
16. Shame [Charlotte, 8-06-1998]
17. For Martha [Charlotte, 8-06-1998]
18. I Want You to Want Me [studio performance, 6-24-1998]

Disc 6 – Friends and Enemies of Modern Music (1999-2000): (79:41)
1. Lover [Machina acoustic demo]
2. Wound [Machina acoustic demo]
3. Vanity [Machina acoustic demo]
4. La Dolly Vita [Pittsburgh, 4-17-1999]
5. Virex (The Imploding Voice) [Pittsburgh, 4-17-1999]
6. Disco King (The Everlasting Gaze) [Friends and Enemies of Modern Music demo, 1999]
7. Blue Skies Bring Tears [Friends and Enemies of Modern Music demo, 1999]
8. Glass and Ghost Children [Machina acoustic demo]
9. Crush [Dayton, 4-21-2000]
10. Blew Away [Tokyo, 6-30-2000]
11. Fuck You [Berkeley, 5-24-2000]
12. If There Is a God [Friends and Enemies of Modern Music demo, 1999]
13. I Of The Mourning [Paris, 10-19-2000]
14. Tonight, Tonight [Billy acoustic / Copenhagen, 10-27-2000]
15. Siva [Chicago, 11-29-2000]
16. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans [Chicago, 11-29-2000]
17. Drown [Sunrise, 5-06-2000]

Disc 7 – Pennies (Leftovers and oddities, 1988-2000): (79:18)
1. Pale Scales [Stockholm, 1-07-2000]
2. Quiet [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-xx-1992]
3. Cherub Rock [Saturday Night Live, 10-30-1993]
4. Blast [Gravity demo, 3-xx-1994]
5. Snap [Reel Time demo, 1989]
6. Rhinoceros (alternate) [Reel Time demo, 1989]
7. Disarm [BBC session, 9-12-1993]
8. Frail and Bedazzled [Quiet and Other Songs demo, 11-xx-1992]
9. Wishing You Were (For Martha mid-section) [MCIS demo II, 1994-1995]
10. I Fall [demo 1988]
11. Perfect [Billy and D’arcy on Q101, 7-09-1998]
12. Set the Ray to Jerry [acoustic at Bridge School, 10-18-1997]
13. Thru the Eyes of Ruby [acoustic at La Nave, Madrid, 5-03-1996]
14. Rocket (alternate arrangement) [San Francisco, 2-06-1996]
15. Dizzle [Gravity demo, 3-xx-1994]
16. Starla/(Beautiful) [Amherst, 1-28-1997]
17. Beautiful [MCIS demo II, 1994-1995]
18. Autumn [Machina acoustic demo]
19. Let Me Give the World to You [acoustic demo 1997-1999]

I present to you all my Smashing Pumpkins bootleg mix for download, titled “Arcane Night Music”. The title comes from the band’s description of Adore before its release. The mix is 8 years in the making, as I had to track down all of the best sources of this stuff and wait out the reissues (which took like 1/3 of my original tracklist). Though the reissues are not done, I doubt they’ll use much of what I’ve included here. All of this stuff is extremely high quality; most of it is studio or soundboard quality, with very few audience recordings used (and those I do use are all excellent). I tried to represent every era of the band, from the pre-Gish era to the final tour. The earliest track used is a 1988 demo of “I Fall”, a song so old it pre-dates Jimmy Chamberlin’s entry into the band. The latest tracks, chronologically, are the last two songs in the main set from their final arena show (and second to last show ever) in Chicago. Overall it’s a comprehensive look at one of the best, and most misunderstood, bands of the 90s. I didn’t bother with post-reunion material because there’s so much of it and most of it isn’t that great. I just wanted to focus on the good stuff – which is also why there’s a bonus disc of material that didn’t fit onto the other discs.

I’d love this to be ratio-free, if at all possible.

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  1. I am so psyched to see this page! I could not have stumbled upon anything greater than this to end the week apreesh of the 20th anniversary week of the original lineup’s first step onto the stage and begin a span of music so influential, far from repeatable, brilliant career that will never be forgotten. The day they join the legends of musical achievement in the pyramid building in Cleveland, Ohio, I will make any sacrifice to witness and be so thankful that I had the privilege to grow up with each album until the unfortunate end. I will also commemorate this week with the heart logo permanently behind my ear. Please share the link!

  2. This looks like an amazing mix – will probably sit along side Mashed Potatoes as the most essential un-official SP box I own… Can’t wait!

  3. Wow. I am really excited about this compilation. This is such a tribute by way of fan-love. Thanks you guys for keeping the Pumpkins alive. Long live the golden age.

  4. I’m sure a huge amount of work must have gone into this collection! Thanks very much for helping the music to be heard.

  5. I keep thinking I’ve got it all and then you throw another gem out there. Thank you so so much for the site and collections

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