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Smashing Pumpkins Live at Metro on 2000-12-02 *Last Metro Show* – SOUNDBOARD

The stream is up! Download links will come soon. Enjoy the stream people! It first shows 04:36, but when you let the track play it goes to the next one automatically. Enjoy!!!

02. Rocket – 3:45
03. I Am One – 7:09
04. Rhinoceros – 5:25
05. Shame – 4:35
06. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
07. The Everlasting Gaze – 4:03
08. Bullet with Butterfly Wings – 4:38
09. Spiteface (tease) – 3:10
10. Thru the Eyes of Ruby – 8:05
11. Blissed and Gone (with The Frogs) – 4:19
12. To Sheila (with Linda Strawberry and The Frogs) – 6:30
13. Mayonaise – 6:24
14. I of the Mourning – 6:24
Set Two:
15. Muzzle (with Matt Walker on bongos) – 6:42
16. Stand Inside Your Love – 4:52
17. Perfect – 3:47
18. This Time – 5:10
19. Go – 4:26
20. The Last Song – 3:24
21. Last Instrumental – 2:48
22. Age of Innocence – 3:34
23. piano interlude – 0:41
24. Thirty-three – 3:35


Smashing Pumpkins – Transmission (1998)

A nice bootleg for y’all from the Adore era! Enjoy! Drop a comment to see the links!

Smashing Pumpkins 2010-08-26 Auditorio Nacional, Ciudad del Mexico, MX [Audio and Video]

I swear i posted this before… But i can’t seem to find it! Anyway, nice concert! Video and Audio after after jump! Drop a comment to see the links!


Smashing Pumpkins – December 21, 1999 [PRO-SHOT]

Nice 1999 concert in Chicago. Enjoy! Drop a comment to see the links. Yes, it includes that crazy guy with the grey hair :P.


Adore Live (13’s version)

I’m sure most of you already know the Adore Live bootleg (if not, shame on you and get it HERE). This one is 13’s version of the Adore album as a live concert. Enjoy! Drop a comment to see the links!

And coming soon:


Smashing Pumpkins – 2000-07-04 – Seoul, Korea – Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium [DVD]

I’ve uploaded this one months ago as AVI, now i am uploading it as a full DVD. Enjoy, and drop a comment to see the links!


Smashing Pumpkins – Live at the Metro August 14, 1993 [VIDEO]

I guess i am on a roll today… Another release! Enjoy! Drop a comment to see the links!


Smashing Pumpkins / Zwan / Billy Corgan – 26 Music Videos

26 music videos. Why not? And yes, the surprise on the 31th is the full show. Anyhow, this one is 2,5GB on Mega. Downloading on Mega works best in Google Chrome or in Firefox using the Mega Addon. Drop a comment to see the link, yes sir!


Smashing Pumpkins – AcoustiCollection (13) [2000 & 1991]

Sup peeps?

Yesterday I’ve asked you which shows you prefer more… The 2008 or the 2011 ones. Most people preferred the 2008 ones, and i agree with you. To me the 2008 shows are better because of the added instruments (trumpets, horns, piano etc.), the set list was great (But not a lot of variation in the set list, unfortunately). And i actually dig the singing that Lisa and Ginger did.

We are going back to 2000 and 1991 on this one (Why in the hell would someone release 2 very different time periods in a release… I dunno). Anyway, enjoy.


The Smashing Pumpkins – 2011-10-22 Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA [SBD]

Last but not least: The last 2011 SBD Show… So enjoy it to the fullest! Which shows did you peeps enjoy more? The 2008 or the 2011 ones? Just curious 😉
Drop a comment to see the links like always!


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