Smashing Pumpkins 08-19-1998 Estacion Mapocho, Santiago CL (SBD)

Adore era, and this one is not on , so enjoy! Don’t forget to add me on FaceBook and you need to comment before you can see the link ;). Disfrutar, delinquentes!

98.08.19 Estacion Mapocho; Santiago, CL

Disc 1:

01 To Sheila
02 Behold! the Night Mare
03 Pug
04 Once Upon a Time
05 Ava Adore
06 Tear
07 piano interlude
08 Blank Page
09 Thru the Eyes of Ruby
10 Tonight, Tonight
11 Disarm
12 Perfect
13 percussion solo >

Disc 2:

01 > tease medley (Zero, Today, Tristessa, Quiet, Soma) > Bullet with Butterfly Wings
02 Shame
03 For Martha
04 1979
05 Transmission


TV>VID-2>Turtle Beach>CDR-0>dEdit>CDR
These were my original notes:
got this one from the hub. there were tiny gaps in the track transitions that I removed.
one or two transitions still faintly click.
d1 t06 has a tiny click @ 2:33. d2 t01 has a tiny skip @ 3:15 and onother tiny skip in t02 @ 5:05.

After ripping the CDs for this flac set I fixed the clicks/skips a bit better.
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  1. I think the Adore shows were just so weird. People say that the current SP line up isn’t “really” SP but the Adore era band is just so drastically different. Its not even a real rock act let alone *the* rock act that SP were and continue to be.

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