Zwan – The Hideout Compilation 1 & 2

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According to “Mr MacPhisto”:
When zwan were in the studio recording mary star, they secretly held an open mic night at a bar called ‘the hideout’. it was every monday night, and it lasted about 2 months. it was held under the moniker “jack sweeney’s open mic”. musicians would sign up and play their two songs sets every monday, in between billy corgan, matt sweeney, paz lenchantin, and david pajo’s respective two song sets. and once in a while they would do a “full” band (minus jimmy) set of 2 songs. sometimes special guests would show up to participate like rick neilsen from cheap trick. i recorded the shows with the band’s permission. and when i used to work on i released the 2 compilations on there. the tracks and the order of the compilations were a collaboration of me and the different band members. i had an idea a while back to go through and make a proper release with more songs, full band songs, banter, jokes, etc. and i was told not to. so take it for what it is. it’s a great collection of songs. 


Disc 1:
01 I Held A Rose
02 Consumed
03 A New Poetry
04 New Room
05 Prairie Song
06 I Love The Living You
07 Song For Judy
08 The Girl With The Sad Face
09 Just To See You Home
10 Diamonds
11 Endless Summer
12 Desire
13 Come With Me

Disc 2:

Matt Sweeney (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #01] Born In The USA
Billy Corgan (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #02] Here I Am
Paz Lenchantin (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #03] Old Dan Tucker
Matt Sweeney and David Pajo (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #04] Tonight I Think
David Pajo (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #05] Unity
David Pajo (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #06] Dignified and Old
David Pajo (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #07] Behold A Pale Horse
Billy Corgan (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #08] On The Meaning of Loss
Matt Sweeney and David Pajo (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #09] Meet Me In The City
Paz Lenchantin (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #10] Desert Plains
Billy Corgan (Zwan) – [Hideout Two #11] If Your’re Gone


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