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Smashing Pumpkins – Through The Night With Billy Corgan

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Smashing Pumpkins – The End Is The Beginning Is The End [MVideo]

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MCIS Demos 1,2 and 3


Smashing Pumpkins – 2010 KKDO Studio [VIDEO]

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Behind the scenes…


I hope you people are enjoying the site :). I had lots of spare the last few weeks, so that’s why I was able to upload a bunch of stuff. As you probably noticed, the name of the site has been renamed to SmashingBoots (How original :P).  Some great stuff is coming up, so be sure to keep watching the site 🙂

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Smashing Pumpkins – AOL Sessions 2007 [VIDEO]

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Smashing Pumpkins 2012-05-26 Rock In Rio, Parque da Bela Vista, Lisbon, PT [SBD]

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Smashing Pumpkins – Residency Songs [2007]

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Smashing Pumpkins – Adore Live [FLAC]


Smashing Pumpkins – 1998-05-28 Brussels Botanique Gardens

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