Welcome to the Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased Songs Archive

Sup peeps!


Welcome to the “Smashing Pumpkins Rare and Unreleased Songs Archive”. My name is Alberto, and i’ve created this site because i thought it would be nice if we can have one big ass Archive with Rare and Unreleased Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan songs. That’s actually it for now :). Enjoy!

Oh, the most important part.. Accessing the Archive! Well, click on “The Collection” on your left, and login using the following credentials:

Username: sp
Password: pumpkins

Please upload the stuff you have, and when we have a nice collection i’ll create a torrent :). Please don’t share FORBIDDEN stuff. That means also officially released music. Got it? Or else i’ll ban your ass.

Enjoy! And please tell your friends and your moms about this site 🙂

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